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Buenos Aires


18°C (64°F) Annual average temperature

JULY: the coldest month (0-12°C)
JANUARY: the warmest month (20.4° to 30.4°C)

Summer: December 21st through March 20th
Fall: March 21st through June 20th
Winter: June 21st through September 20th
Spring: September 21st through December 20th


Argentine peso ($)

Electric power

220/240 V

Time zone


City tour guide

Local Government

Public transportation SUBE –Unified Electronic Ticket System

The Unified Electronic Ticket System (SUBE) allows users to pay for bus, subway, and train fares, as well as road toll, both within the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area as well as in the cities of Mar del Plata, Villa Gesell, Paraná, and Santa Fe.

The SUBE card is similar to other solutions adopted in other large cities both within Argentina (Rosario, Córdoba, Corrientes, Posadas, Resistencia, Salta, San Miguel de Tucumán, Mar del Plata, and Bahía Blanca) and in the rest of the world (London, Paris, Madrid, Hong Kong, Seoul, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Asunción, Santiago, and Montevideo).

The SUBE card can be purchased at hundreds of outlets, kiosks, etc. for ARS 20.

You may find the closest place where to purchase it at

You may also purchase it onlineand have it mailed to you for ARS 45. The official SUBE website is the only authorized means for the online purchase of the SUBE card.

For further information, visit

Tourist bus

A bus tours different sections of the Monserrat, Constitución, Barracas, Parque Patricios, San Telmo, San Nicolás, and Recoleta neighborhoods. Buenos Aires Bus stops

Stop 0: FLORIDA Av. Pres. Roque Saenz Peña and Florida
Stop 1: DE MAYO Avenue Av. De Mayo and Piedras
Stop 2: FEDERAL CONGRESS Av. Rivadavia and Rincón
Stop 3: MONTSERRAT shopping area San José between México and Venezuela
Stop 4: DEFENSA Av. Belgrano and Defensa
Stop 5: SAN TELMO Av. Paseo Colón between Pasaje Giuffra and Av. Independencia
Stop 6: USINA DE LAS IDEAS ("Idea Factory" cultural center) Caffarena 50
Stop 7: BOCA JUNIORS soccer stadium Brandsen 805
Stop 8: BAR EL ESTAÑO 1880 Hernandarias and Aristóbulo del Valle
Stop 9: CAMINITO Av. Pedro de Mendoza between Palos and Martín Rodríguez
Stop 10: MADERO ESTE Julieta Lanteri and Rosario Vera Peñaloza
Stop 11: PUERTO MADERO Juana Manso and Macacha Güemes
Stop 12: PORT area Juana Manso and Cecilia Grierson
Stop 13: GALERÍAS (Shopping mall) Av. Córdoba between Reconquista and San Martín
Stop 14: PLAZA SAN MARTÍN square Florida al 1000 between Pasaje Kavanagh and Ricardo Rojas
Stop 15: FLORALIS GENERICA Av. Figueroa Alcorta 2263
Stop 16: ALCORTA / MALBA Salguero and Martín Coronado
Stop 17: PLANETARIUM Belisario Roldan and Av. Sarmiento
Stop 18: ROSEDAL (rose garden) Av. del LIbertador and Av. Infanta Isabel
Stop 19: BARRIO CHINO (Chinatown) Av. Juramento and 11 de septiembre
Stop 20: MUSEO LARRETA (museum) Juramento between Vuelta de Obligado and Cuba
Stop 21: LAS CAÑITAS Av. Federico Lacroze and Migueletes
Stop 22: JARDIN ZOOLÓGICO (Zoo) Av. Del Libertador and Av. Sarmiento
Stop 23: MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES (Fine Arts Museum) Av. Del Libertador and Av. Pueyrredon
Stop 24: RECOLETA Av. Quintana entre Ayacucho y Junín
Stop 25: TEATRO COLÓN Cerrito and Viamonte
Stop 0: FIN DEL RECORRIDO (End of scheduled route) Av. Pres. Roque Saenz Peña and Florida

Blue City Tour

Stop 0: PLANETARIUM Belisario Roldan and Av. Sarmiento
Stop 1: ROSEDAL (rose garden) Av. del LIbertador and Av. Infanta Isabel
Stop 2: BARRIO CHINO (Chinatown) Av. del Libertador and Juramento
Stop 3: RIVER PLATE soccer stadium Museo River
Stop 4: TIERRA SANTA (Holy Land theme park) Parque Temático Tierra Santa
Stop 5: AEROPARQUE JORGE NEWBERY (Domestic flights airport)

For further information and timetables, visit